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A mysterious Romulan advisor joins the Rebel unit led by Niyahra with information on an untouched Starfleet hull in the Loki system. It would only need a little bit of work to get it up and operational.

Start Date Tuesday September 1st, 2020 @ 9:11am
End Date Wednesday July 28th, 2021 @ 9:11am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Written In The Stars
by Wraet tr'Melanth & Emily Reagan
Astrometric Lab
A Ship Reborn
by Niyahra Riohn & Lennox & Tiandith 'Tia' Tobru & Cleo Ortega & Wraet tr'Melanth & Adam Rayner
Ship's Lounge
Start up sequence
by Niyahra Riohn & Milinda Frost Malley & Cleo Ortega
Right after 'Hidden Gem' Engineering
Pay Day
by Wraet tr'Melanth & Adam Rayner
Wraet's Office, USS Walraven
Clearing The Halls
by Niyahra Riohn & Tiandith 'Tia' Tobru
During 'Hidden Gem' Lower Decks, abandoned California class vessel, Loki system
A serious discussion
by Wraet tr'Melanth & Niyahra Riohn
Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Walraven
Bleed In... Bleed Out...
by Wraet tr'Melanth & Tiandith 'Tia' Tobru & Cleo Ortega
Unknown Planet
A Hidden Gem
by Niyahra Riohn & Timothy Bennett & Milinda Frost Malley & Cleo Ortega & Kyan Mackenzie & Wraet tr'Melanth
Current Various locations on abandoned California class vessel in the Loki system
An Adult Conversation
by Niyahra Riohn & Kyan Mackenzie
Some run down space station in orbit of Rangalor V
Bitter Betrayal
by Tiandith 'Tia' Tobru
Valhalen Asteroid Belt, then UNKNOWN
A glimpse of what could have been
by Niyahra Riohn
Prior to 'An Adult Conversation' Starbase 718, near the Romulan border
Hiring Muscle
by Niyahra Riohn
MD01 - Evening (following "An Offer you can't refuse") Some shady back-alley, Rangalor V
No Further Use
by Wraet tr'Melanth & Cleo Ortega
In orbit of Rangalor V
Rubies are a Girl's best friend
by Niyahra Riohn
Before departing for the Loki star system Rangalor V
Lighting the Fires
by Milinda Frost Malley
Main Engineering.
by Niyahra Riohn & Timothy Bennett & Milinda Frost Malley & Cleo Ortega & Wraet tr'Melanth
MD04 - 1500 hours Abandoned Starfleet Shipyards, Loki Starsystem
Planning the Plan
by Niyahra Riohn & Timothy Bennett & Wraet tr'Melanth & Tevek
MD02 - Early morning Unknown, Surface of Rangalor V
The Tinkerer
by Niyahra Riohn & Milinda Frost Malley
MD02 - Right after 'Planning the Plan' Small Hangar
A chance encounter
by Niyahra Riohn & Timothy Bennett
MD01 - Early evening Rangalor V
Holy Orders
by Lennox
MD01 - Late afternoon USS Walraven - Loki Star System
Parts is parts
by Milinda Frost Malley
Prelude SIte of a battle, floating hulks.
An Offer you can't refuse
by Niyahra Riohn & Wraet tr'Melanth
MD01 - Late afternoon Rangalor V
A Typical Vulcan
by Wraet tr'Melanth
Prologue Shuttle to Rangalor
Calling the Guard
by Tevek
Prologue LWS Surak, Main Bridge - In orbit of New Sydney in the Orion Sector
My side...your side
by Lennox
Current USS Walraven - Loki Star System

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