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Wraet tr'Melanth

Name Wraet ir-ch'Rihan tr'Melanth

Position Head of Information & Logistics

Second Position Advisor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 85
Known Aliases Jaieh, Surik, Sargon, Læhval, QIb, J'hordak

Physical Appearance

Height 1.92m
Weight 79kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color hazel
Physical Description Tall and fit with patrician features. Despite the loss and hardships of the last decade, that make him look somewhat older than his 85 years, he still carries the unmistakable bearing of the scion of ancient and noble House.

There is a small tattoo on the inside of his right forearm: an Alth'Indor, a Romulan mythological creature that dies in fire and is reborn.


Spouse D'Ral (deceased)
Children daughters: Dhael (deceased)
sons - S'Telam (deceased)

Father Kaol (deceased)
Mother N'alae (deceased)
Brother(s) Baeru
Sister(s) Mhai
Dhael (deceased)
Other Family adopted cousin (v'rian): Colonel Lais of the Tal Shiar (MIA, presumed dead)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Once asked what makes a Romulan Romulan, Tellus replied with the four virtues:

Imahhoi'edh: Devotion, loyalty to your family, your species, and your nation.
Anaesu: Discipline, complete self-control and self-confidence.
Talla: Duty, meeting all of your obligations and responsibilities.
Fveirrelh: Perseverance, never wavering from your objective.

The child of Great House, Wraet was raised to exemplify these. That may seem surprising for a high ranking Tal Shiar, but only to those who do not understand the Tal Shiar.

Well-educated due to his station, but with a natural bent toward acquiring knowledge as well, he was directed toward Intellegence work and trained to understand that knowledge is power and misdirection a weapon, or a shield. As a result, he tends to notice and analyze people, places, things, and situations around him almost by reflex. Determined and methodical, he can be persuasive or ruthless as a situation requires. A 'creature of extremes' like most Romulans he can be both intensely driven and careful to conceal his desires.

He reads extensively, not just reports and intel, but history and literature. Uncharacteristically for a Romulan, particularly from a Great House, this has included the classic literature of other races as he believes that the stories that survive and are retold reveal much about a society. On that basis he also reaches back to the history and near mythos of the founding of the Empire, both as inspiration in these dark times and as a tool (or a weapon).
Strengths & Weaknesses + Cunning, well-trained in noting the machinations of others and practicing his own
+ Intel training/experience that includes substantial technical knowledge, particularly with respect to methods and devices for concealment, hacking, and detection of such.
+ Adept at the martial art of Llaekh-ae'rl as well as close combat with blades
+ Proficient in several languages, including Standard, Klingonese, Kolari (Orion) and Cardassian
+/- Ruthless
+/- Fierce pride in the sacrifice made by his family and his people, but the loss of his homeworld and way of life is a wound that can never heal
- Painfully aware of how precarious the position of the Empire (and the whole Resistance) is, as well as that of his family line
- Despite outward confidence, feels the lack of family support and guidance keenly
Ambitions Drive the Dominion from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, and ultimately destroy them. Restore the Empire to glory and secure his and his House's place within it
Hobbies & Interests In addition to history and politics, he enjoys literature and games of strategy. Martial arts, especially with blades, and archery. He sometimes plays eolh iarr'voi - a Romulan wind instrument. His late wife bred and trained set'lethir and while he was not overly involved in her hobby, he has a soft spot for animals; perhaps moreso after her death because of the association with her memory.

He has also developed a somewhat eccentric hobby of tinkering with time pieces and finds a certain therapeutic satisfaction in taking them apart and putting them back together in perfect working order.

Personal History Born in the same year as the Tomed Incident, Wraet grew up in a Romulan Empire that had turned again to isolationism. As the son of a wealthy and influential senatorial family, he received all the benefits of education and opportunity that came with that privileged position, though as the youngest of three children he was not groomed as his siblings were to take on a role in government. Instead his natural inclination as an astute observer and desire for knowledge was directed toward service in the Galae (beyond the half decade expected of most free Romulans). Indeed, children with his talents were often taken from their families to be raised by the Tal Shiar, but taking the grandchild of a member of the Continuing Committee, which was second only to the Praetor in power, would have been politically inadvisable. Instead, he received the best education at elite schools, as well as private instruction from the House Weapons Master, Advisor, Chief of Staff, and ...other trusted retainers not so publically acknowledged.

After completing the standard education and training, he entered the Galae Academy. Upon graduation he entered the Tal Diann (Galae Naval Intelligence), an intel service distinct from the Tal Shiar. Indeed, the two services were often seen as operating in opposition to each other, however, while there was some truth to the perception, their rivalry was more often a case of 'steel sharpening steel'. Moreover, his mother, who had served as a Tactical officer, had advised him to take the position in order to advance his career in the Galae, where the Tal Diann were more valued, and certainly more trusted.

Initially assigned to the IRW Khaiell patrolling the Avrrhinul (RSE side of the Neutral Zone), as a junior officer he primarily collected and analyzed data from border outpost listening posts. In seeking how to best interpret Starfleet movements and comm chatter, he studied everything he could and gained a better understanding of the Federation than most Romulans, even those several times his age.

With renewed Klingon aggression in the early 2340s, Wraet was transfered to IRW Ssaedhe, which was sent along with many other warbirds to reinforce the border, and strike back hard enough to hammer home the lessons in deterrence that the Klingons had apparently forgotten. (Vulcans were not actually the first vulcanoids to determine the best way to say 'hello' to Klingons). Previously, Wraet had faced the occasional stand-off with a Starfleet ship, but this was his first experience of real combat - experience that became extensive. During the following decade of defense, raids and counter-raids, Wraet learned a great deal about Klingon tactics - and also about every way his own kind responded to the stress, anger, confusion and loss that came with battle. The last touched him particularly when his sister, Dhael, was killed in a Klingon attack.

During this time he also, unusually for a Tal Diann officer, forged a close friendship with a Tal Shiar officer, Lais. When the Ssaedhe self-destructed to keep Klingon boarders from taking her, they wound up in the same escape pod, both badly wounded, and spent a week helping each other survive. Though reassigned to different ships, they remained in contact, and it was through Lais that Wraet met another Tal Shiar officer, D'Ral, who like himself was the youngest child of a Great House. By the time they were married, he had also transferred to the Tal Shiar. He and D'Ral served together on Mandukar Station near Orion space, tracking (and sometimes using) Syndicate operations between the Klingon Empire, UFP, and the Gorn Hegemony. However, they eventually left official active duty (no one ever actually retires from the Tal Shiar) to return to ch'Rihan and start a family. Those were good years, and seeing as his brother and sister had children already being groomed for senate roles, he expected his life's course to revolve around family and overseeing the House's investments on ch'Rihan and outlying colonies, while using those obligations as cover for Tal Shiar work.

With unexplained attacks on Neutral Zone outposts in 2364, he was drawn more into analysis of intel on Starfleet and the UFP, a role that increased over the next decade. Initially this was motivated by the threat of alliance between the Federation and Klingon Empire - an enemy both to the Empire and to him personally. However, with the revelation of a stable wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant and rumors of ruthless conquerors there, known as the Dominion, the Empire made the decision to exchange cooperation for information. Shortly after, his role and the Tal Shiar's became much more than the long standing dance of intrigue among the powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Particularly after the disastrous alliance with the Obsidian Order, operations became very carefully compartmentalized. After the UFP surrendered, this only became more pronounced, but for a time it seemed they might maintain a tense detente.

Then the Borg came. Wraet's son and oldest daughter, both serving in the Galae, were killed in the conflict. On top of those personal blows was the awareness that the heavy losses all but crippling the Empire meant that it was only a matter of time before the Dominion moved to conquer them. Yet in some ways the need to lay and execute plans against that day was a welcome distraction from personal grief. Wraet threw himself into the work, and he was hardly the only one - the Tal Shiar and the highest levels of the Empire became singularly focused on a covert and meticulous shift of people and materials, while extending as long as possible the window for that movement. Still, the exact nature of the endgame was known to few. Because of his rank and connection to the Senate - his father had succeeded to his grandfather's seat - Wraet was part of the Hobus plot. He was not however permitted to die in the supernova with his parents, who along with much of the Senate remained on ch'Rihan to ensure the Dominion would not see the trap.

Since that day there were other losses: his wife on a mission to spread the information from Eamon Castle, his trusted friend Lais likewise missing and presumed dead. But after leaving his last surviving child in the care of his sister, Wraet put away grief. There is only destroying the Dominion and restoring his people.

Political Status

Dominion Unregistered
Romulan Star Empire Registered Citizen
Klingon Empire Presumed Dead
Ferengi Alliance Unregistered