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Holy Orders

Posted on Tuesday October 13th, 2020 @ 5:11pm by Lennox
Edited on on Thursday October 15th, 2020 @ 8:02am

Mission: Marauder's Map
Location: USS Walraven - Loki Star System
Timeline: MD01 - Late afternoon
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“Where are they?” The Andorian DPI enforcer shouted throwing the Saurian female to the ground and raising his baton above his head as to strike her. Lennox heard her scream as she fell to the ground.

“I don’t know, I swear… I don’t know please!” She called out again raising her arm in defence from the coming strike. She was a Sister of Tek, a holy order in Saurian society charged with protection of the Saurian nesting sites and the hatchlings.

“Very well, if you don’t know then I guess you’re no use to us!” Came the young Trill casually sitting on a cargo container, picking the dust and dirt from his nails, “Kill her!” He ordered.

“Wait! Stop! I’ll tell you…just please don’t hurt her!” Came a frail voice from the oldest Sister in the group.

“Ahhh Mother Sauria, I was wondering when you would speak up, I always thought Sisters of Tek had their tongues removed when they reached your level of piety?” The Trill male said glancing his attention momentarily at the frail Saurian female before returning to cleaning his nails.

“I would gladly cut out my tongue if I didn’t have to protect the young from your brutes!” She replied with a vicious tone. “They’re in the Bakka Swamp!” She proclaimed with a sigh and a sense of guilt. She had just revealed the location of Lennox and the other members of the Tek Order on the run following the failed assassination of the Vorta overseer, Driden.

The Trill rose from his cargo container seat. He strode over to Mother Sauria bringing his face in line with hers, “Impossible!” He exclaimed, “We’ve searched every moss ridden puddle in this dirt swamp… don’t lie to me lizard!” He said through seething teeth.

“Then I guess you’ve not looked well enough, only the most pious can see what's in plain sight!” She retorted with a smile, “Novice Drax will lead you to them.” She said pointing to the younger Saurian sister still on the ground under the boot of the Andorian. “Just leave the hatchlings and the eggs alone, Driden promised us that!”.

“Very well…” He said turning to walk away from the elderly Saurian, “Although now that you’ve told me and your sisters are compliant, then I guess, really, I have no need for you anymore!” He said with a vengeful tone. He turned to his Andorian bodyguard, “Kill her!” he ordered and before the last syllable left his lips the Andorian opened fire and disintegrated the Saurian nun.

Suddenly, Lennox sprung awake. Shaking and in pain from his nightmare. It was dark still except for the faint light on his power supply and life support unit.

It is impossible for Saurians to sweat but he could feel his skin was dry from his night terror. He hadn’t thought back to that day on his home world for nearly 13 years, but now, as he tasted freedom for the first time in a long time, his past was beginning to catch up with him.

He had blamed the Sisters for a long time for his incarceration but he understood why they did what they did. The future of all Saurians depend on the hatchlings. Lennox felt a certain shame knowing that many of his kind had been forced into labour camps, many had given up on freedom and life itself.

There would be no hatchlings for a long time on Alpha Sauria.


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