Marauder's Map

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A mysterious Romulan advisor joins the Rebel unit led by Niyahra with information on an untouched Starfleet hull in the Loki system. It would only need a little bit of work to get it up and operational.

Out on Bad Behaviour

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The USS Loki receives intel on a labour camp on the edge of Dominion space. Recent issues with supply have decreased the patrols in the area providing a window of opportunity for the Resistance to swoop in and organise a daring raid and liberation of the camp's prisoners.

Short Treks

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Taking inspiration from the Anthology series of Star Trek: Discovery, these Short Treks are standalone plots that have nothing to do with the current plot of the USS Loki / Lost War timeline. They may involve characters that are currently signed up for the Loki but could also be completely unrelated. Really the perfect way to get rid of some of that pent up creative energy by writing something cool in the Star Trek universe.

Couple of rules apply to this type of post:
1) Has to be set in the Star Trek universe
2) If it involves the Loki / Lost War timeline, it has to be set in the (distant) past or the (far) future of the Loki timeline, as to avoid painting us in a corner, plot-wise
3) Cannot involve characters established in Canon (like 'the secret adventures of Captain Kirk')
4) All posts should still abide by the Rules of the Game

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