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Niyahra Riohn

Name Niyahra Riohn

Position Unit Leader

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 27 (326)

Physical Appearance

Height 1.68 Meters
Weight 53 Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description The thing most people immediately notice is the Trill spots, in the past 20 years people have become very skittish around Trill thanks to their role in the DPI. She's wiry due to a lack of nutritional sustenance during most of her youth, living from day to day and going hungry quite often. Her eyes are often bloodshot, due to stress and lack of sleep. Her hair is often unkempt and only in extreme circumstances does she tie it up, usually in a sloppy bun. She wears utilitarian clothing that's worn to the bare threads before she replaces them with something new, giving preference to comfortable sleeveless shirts and denim jeans. Regardless of the time of day she'll always be wearing a silver bracelet (a family heirloom that was repurposed as a device that masks the bio-signature from the Symbiont).


Father Yiral Paurs - Died in late 2398
Mother Iadza Paurs - Selected in the Tithe in 2397, current location and status unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Niyahra her personality changed significantly when she was joined with the Roihn symbiote. She was always quite chaotic and relied heavily on her intuitions when making decisions prior to the joining, but now has the ability to hunker down and focus fully on a task at hand and make more academic, rational decisions. Except for the decision to not use transporters, that one's fully irrational due to a destabilisation that happened when a previous host used the technology and died as a result. She has some trouble overcoming the prejudice against her species (especially in her Joined status) which means she keeps this fact a closely guarded secret.
Strengths & Weaknesses + A broad understanding of a wide range of topic thanks to the Riohn symbiont's memories
+ Great judge of character
+ Has sudden epiphanies on topics one of the Riohn symbiont's was well versed in
+ After joining has gotten into a rigorous training routine building speed and stamina
- Addicted to Ketracel Red
- Scatterbrained due to overlapping knowledge and understanding of some subjects, especially on a personal level as she has trouble determining whether it was something she experienced or one of the former hosts
- Traumas from past lives can be triggered, causing disassociative state in the moment and heightened anxiety for days after.
Ambitions Niyahra's personal ambition is to rediscover her personality as part of the greater whole of the Symbiont. On a larger scale she's now driven more than ever to fight against the Dominion occupation of the quadrant. She longs to see a free Trill, so she can see the purple skies with her own eyes, even though she doesn't remember ever having lived under them as a child (the Riohn symbiote does).
Hobbies & Interests Prior to joining Niyahra had a real knack for card games that involved social skills, primarily Orion rules poker. She also developed some sleight of hand tricks and dexterous hands as a result of playing with cards so often. Now that she's joined she has also developed quite a few academic interests, especially in the field of Genetics, since the previous host of the symbiont is the strongest influence from the symbiont. She's also developed a musical interest and found it very easy to learn playing several instruments and loves to sing. She's especially fond of singing more traditional musical theatre pieces.

Personal History Niyahra was born in 2372, with a quadrant on the verge of an all-out war, the tension was already palpable and everyone was on edge, including her parents. Her father, Yiral, worked for the Trill government in an administrative capacity. Her mother was an elementary school teacher. When war broke out her father would come back with news from the war, that the Federation was slowly losing. The tension of the continuous losses of life and ground was bleeding into the household. This came to a climax in 2375 when the Dominion invaded Trill space and occupied their planet in one swift strike. By the time Niyahra was six her father made a decision. Before the Dominion installed an administrative oversight he deleted all of his daugther's records from the system to give her an opportunity to grow up without the oppressive systems of the Dominion hanging over her.

After a massive fight between Niyahra's parents they moved from the Trill homeworld towards the Planet of Rangalor V in Orion Syndicate controlled space, again in an effort to avoid Dominion influence over their lives. Her mother was able to get a new job in a school, her father was less fortunate and drifted from factory job to factory job to make ends meet. Niyahra was unable to attend school so required her mother to homeschool her after her work hours,, and when she broke her lower arm they had to bribe a local physician to administer treatment. She was kept away from public institutions, but by the time she turned fourteen she was rebelling against her upbringing and fell in with a rougher crowd in the streets of Rangalor V's capital city of Gaimanar.

When around the age of seventeen the Syndicate found out about her particular identity situation they started to offer her all sorts of odd jobs that required someone to fly under the radar. She started to deal in Ketracel, both the white and red versions, and when caught it was easy for the Orions to get her out of confinement before she was booked in the system, since she officially didn't exist. She ran drugs for an Orion by the name of Landau for five years before her father found out and forbade her to continue doing it. At that moment she left her parents house and settled in a house of her own, made more dubious friends. She was always careful not to get involved in the drugs herself, seeing what it did to some of the addicts.

Her new life brought her in contact with Virrin, an older Trill scientist that had fled the Trill homeworld and his job at the Symbiosis commission following the atrocities that were being done to the Symbionts and their hosts. Virrin took her in and tried to instill in her some academic lessons, not much of it stuck though. She was too busy living the fast life in the club circuit and on the streets. She had noticed him taking some of her Kred but didn't hold it against him, considering it her rent for a place in his house.

In 2397 disaster struck for her mother, as Iadza was selected in the Tithe, and the following day was apprehended by a group of Protectors. She didn't resist. Leaving her husband an utterly broken man, Niyahra didn't get to say goodbye as she was recovering from a pretty heavy bender the night before. By the time she came home all she found was a house in disarray and a father drunk on the couch. She moved back in with him to take care of him, while still running her normal business. Because of her lifestyle she didn't realise that her father his depression, that he had been trying to hide for years, took a turn into heavy alcoholism. She found him dead one morning, choked in his own barf.

With no official record of her she couldn't claim the house, nor anything in it, as her own. She grabbed some personal belongings and rushed out of the home, placing an anonymous call with authorities to make sure her father was found and properly taken care of through her Orion connections. She returned to Virrin and found out the reason why he had been trying to educate her and instill in her some of his beliefs. He was a joined Trill, preparing her for a time where she would have to take over the symbiont. Virrin revealed this plan to her when they barely escaped a raid by the DPI. He was a fugitive of the state, for having stolen the Riohn symbiote in his earlier job. Together with two of his colleagues they liberated three symbionts from the Commission's new genetics programme, and took them in their own bodies to have their legacies live on.

A month later their location was compromised, another raid happened and this time Virrin was mortally wounded. He was able to convince Niyahra to take on the symbiont and arranged for a Ferengi physician to perform the transfer against a rather hefty price. With the symbiont implanted Niyahra was suddenly overwhelmed by the symbiont's personality, almost losing her own identity in the process. She was able to stabilise in early 2399 but found that the symbiont had been made dependant on Ketracel Red. With the symbiont she also gained a connection with the resistance movement and she reached out to some of Virrin's earlier contacts to get in on the action, determined to take up the fight against the Dominion that had taken everything from her and those she ever loved.

Riohn previous hosts:
2073 - 2127 : Hirral (Male, Caretaker of unjoined symbionts and field guide to joining prospects, Trill Homeworld, Died of poisoning, the death was thought to be an accident)
2127 - 2201 : Lyle (Male, Sculptor, Painter, Writer, Trill Homeworld, Died of old age)
2201 - 2256 : Xiyah (Female, Commander in the Trill Private Service during, KIA in 2256 in an engagement with an unknown alien marauder, which later turned out to be a Klingon vessel on the warpath with the Federation)
2256 - 2304 : Rasseh (Female, Engineer, Utopia Planetia, Died several days after a transporter malfunction destabilised the connection between the symbiont and the host)
2304 - 2367 : Liliah (Female, Actress, Dancer, Singer, Trill Homeworld, Died of old age)
2367 - 2375 : Jorvel (Male, Flight Control Officer, USS Pegasus during Dominion War, KIA in 2375 defending Trill from Dominion assault)
2375 - 2399 : Virrin (Male, Geneticist with Symbiosis Commission, stole symbiont with 'Yvex' and 'Drizzt' and fled to Orion Syndicate controlled region. Died from wounds after a raid by the Department of Protection and Investigations.)

Political Status

Dominion Unregistered
Romulan Star Empire Known Entity
Klingon Empire Unregistered
Ferengi Alliance Known Entity