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Timothy Bennett

Name Timothy "Ty" Bennett

Position Tactical Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 6"1
Hair Color Naturally brown, now greying.
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ty is a tall and imposing man physically; he is ageing in a world of hardship and scarcity but gives the impression of a man who was once in peak physical shape. His nature no longer matches his appearance.


Spouse Samantha, Federation Agricultural Department (D). [Unknown]
Children None. [Unknown]
Father Adm. Darren Bennett, Starfleet (D). [Unknown]
Mother Carolyn Bennett, Dominion Cloning Sciences Division. [Unknown]
Brother(s) None. [Unknown]
Sister(s) None. [Unknown]
Other Family None. [Unknown]

Personality & Traits

General Overview A meeker man than he used to be, Ty gives the impression of a once great man who has given up. He demonstrates flashes of his past life in momentary displays, when a situation occurs and he naturally reverts, but on the whole he is a dispassionate, uncaring and cynical man.

Personal History A former Starfleet Captain, promoted young during the Dominion War personnel shortages. Once full of optimism, youth and duty, he is now broken and dejected. His two commands were both losses with most hands, and his early passion for Starfleet and life was brutally curtailed witnessing total defeat. He has hidden his true identity, and now goes by "Ty".

Ty makes no reference to his past life, and has concealed it from others successfully. Now and again, a Starfleet Captain breaks through the cynical and adversarial person he has become.

Political Status

Dominion Unregistered
Romulan Star Empire Unregistered
Klingon Empire Unregistered
Ferengi Alliance Unregistered