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Parts is parts

Posted on Tuesday October 13th, 2020 @ 4:07am by Milinda Frost Malley

Mission: Marauder's Map
Location: SIte of a battle, floating hulks.
Timeline: Prelude
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Frost float about in her Suit; it was a reliable thing; a little bulky on her frame but the reinforced areas were the most common to be snagged or damaged. the lighting from the helmet actually had a cool feature; as her eyes moved the interior Display tracked them and angle the light beams in the general direction of her gaze. Hyst the little bits in a barter that make it worth trading her work. Of course the added space of storing parts did make it prudent to get them off the Shuttle as fast as possible. A fair trade but still she tended to get the parts that were easy to flip.

This hulk was worst than most; her outer hull and decks were full of holes and ripped apart but the inner decks were surpriingly in some tact. She was getting scads of Gel packs; harder and harder to find them not fried, worth their weight in Latinum to a desperate business Ferengi that just called her 'Frost' so she could not be identified as female. Danged ole Ferengi rules. But salvage did keep her alive and moving. Her shuttle was tucked in some wreckage; power down and just addded weight to a scan.

A shuttle is smaller and able to hide better than most salvager craft; but she had to make trips where a ship would have storage bays many times larger than even her shuttle's tonnage. Self sufficiency; that was the name of her game. No room; most literally, for partners. Solo operations with an occasional 'Taxi Service' to make ends meet. A fine room at the destination if not some pig sty of a place. If the room was clean and the hotel more so Frost called it a good bonus on her fee.

She had spent the better part of a day clearing out this hunk of metal; after a quick moment of silence for the poor souls lost with this degree of devastation. Her Cargo bins were nearly full; this last Pack full of Gel packs would be the crowning bit. Making her way back to the Shuttle she closed the hatch; wait the pressurizing and then removed the helmet. The air stank; next thing is to wash and airiate the Life support filters when she has some down time.

Shirking the heavy breathing gear she managed to sit in the Pilot's chair and activated the shuttle's Power -Up sequence , while processing she lean her tired body bak in the comfortable Command couch type chair. The life revived in the systems and Frost touched the maneuvering thrusters and eased her way out of the hulk and into open space. Guiding the shuttle to clear the field and Warping back tp the small outpost she had taken to using as a base for the moment.

She had another load of parts to repair and sell.



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