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Rubies are a Girl's best friend

Posted on Friday January 29th, 2021 @ 2:21pm by Niyahra Riohn

Mission: Marauder's Map
Location: Rangalor V
Timeline: Before departing for the Loki star system
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"Just give it to me." Niyahra was losing her patience with the rather condescending Orion man that was trying to school her on the use of KRed and its side effects. She needed a supply if she was going to survive an extended period of time away from this place. She needed to make it last as well, but that was a worry for later time, especially since she had been pawing the last vial of the stuff in her pocket for two days now.

"Look, little girl, it's just not that easy, I have other clients, I don't want to disappoint them, and customers is really bad for business," He pulled out three vials, "this is the best I can do for you."

Niyahra took in a deep breath and tried to steady herself, she realised that she looked like a crazed addict, but she had been able to steady her dependence on the drug. It wasn't getting worse and only immediately after taking it did it affect her functioning. And then only for a couple of hours. She rarely took it outside of her own place, and when she did she made sure she could sleep off most of its more immediate effects, "I told you, that's not enough. I'm going to go away for a while and I need to make sure that I don't run out before I can come back around."

"Take it or leave it, spots," The Orion pulled the vials closer to him again, ready to put them away in one of his many hidden pockets. He knew she wasn't going to let him. He had seen enough KRed junkies to know exactly how they behaved when they ran out of the stuff. And while he didn't care about some no-name Trill chick going in for the long slumber, he didn't want it connecting back to him, "What's so bad it needs forgetting, anyway?"

"I didn't realise I was buying therapy with my rubies," She tossed him the small pouch of GPL and grabbed the vials before he could tuck them away, "You do realise I'm just going to go to your competition, right? You're not helping anyone with your behaviour." She inspected the liquid inside of it and made sure the vials were compatible with the hacked up version of the hypo she had. It all seemed to check out.

The Orion rolled his eyes, it was so transparent, "I'm sure they'll be happy to help you, whoever you think is my competition in this sector." He shook his head, everyone on these streetcorners worked for the same Syndicate family anyway, it didn't matter. He would move his rubies and this way he was spreading some of this chick's wealth. Though that did give him an idea, if she had enough money to spend on that much KRed she was worth putting a tail on. Check out where that money was coming from. Make sure the Syndicate was getting their dues.

Niyahra shook her head and turned around to try and get out of there as quickly as she could. She probably needed to draw on some other resources to get enough of this stuff to get her back out of Dominion space once they got their hands on the vessel. The vials were safely tucked in a pocket close to her side. She could feel them tab against her body, a reminder that she should take some quickly. Not more of a reminder than the headaches that were soon to be showing their ugly faces. She was too preoccupied with this to realise that someone else slinked out of the darkness of the alley she just passed and started following her.


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