My side...your side

Posted on Wednesday September 23rd, 2020 @ 8:55am by Lennox

Mission: Marauder's Map
Location: USS Walraven - Loki Star System
Timeline: Current
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The darkness enveloped Lennox.

While his Saurian physiology meant that he was able to see infrared and was able to see better than most humanoids in the dark, he always hated it. Five long years in a dilithium mine without so much as glimmer or light or a taste of air will send anyone to madness alone in the dark.

"Shhhh!" He called out into the darkness. Shapes flickered in the foreground as light from nearby stars struggled to penetrate through the windows.

"Not now...!" He snarled again. He reached out for the familiarity of the interior hull, his claw was met with the cold hard structure of the vessels interiors.

He was sure they would find him. He had spent three days stowed in a cargo container on a Dominion Transport ship, having made his daring escape from the internment camp by poisoning the garrisons food with a sleeping agent.

He had successfully managed to rig the transport ships cargo transporter to beam him onto the nearest vessel with a small gravity generator. He had found the nearest, smallest space and stowed himself away. He didn't know where had had ended up, but he was safe for the time being. He backed himself down into the corner of the cabin he was in. Darkness surrounded him again.

"You're all alone Lennox! You cannot fight the shadow! Even now your faith is fading! One Saurian.... alone in the dark!" came the raspy, spectral voice which had been haunting Lennox for some time.

"Not listening.... that's my side, stay on your side... my side... your side... my side... your side!" Lennox snapped as he lashed out into the darkness with his arms.

"Oh Look who it is, Disciple Lennox, the Saurian Monk, Protector of the Saurian faith...oh, but I'm forgetting you don't have any faith, and you're not a monk....which makes you, nobody really!" The voice continued to croak out from across the darkness.

"Lizard....your chain is broken...." and as it spoke its words it faded away.

"Go away...!" Lennox sulked. "Leave me alone..." He cried out.

Lennox rested his head in his claws. He could still smell the internment camp on his skin. He tilted his head to the side. Sounds of the ship he was on slowly deteriorating from neglect. He closed his eyes and thought of home, it would be nearly the end of the cycle on Alpha Sauria, the miroti fruit would be coming into season and the annual nesting in the Bakka swamps would be starting. He often thought of home. He had spent so long away from his people he couldn't recall the last Saurian face he had seen. The mines were so dark and cramped, when he was reassigned to the kitchens Lennox was overjoyed. Losing your freedoms has a way of simplifying your existence, eat, work, sleep, repeat.

He shivered as he pulled his tunic closer to his body, Saurians don't last long in the cold and he wasn't sure how long the gravity generator would last. Lennox was quickly brought back to reality with the sound of more of the ship creaking apart.

The reality was that he was alone and for the first time in over 19 years. One Saurian... alone in the dark.





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By Niyahra Riohn on Wednesday September 23rd, 2020 @ 10:02am

Very nice, proper claustrophobic feel, and a glean of what's to come with this character. This has everything I expected of the introduction of the Saurian and more!