The Sim

For 25 years the California-class USS Walraven, registry NCC 74961, was stuck in limbo. A half-finished empty shell, forgotten and neglected in the Loki star system. Surrounded by debris, silent witnesses to the onslaught of the Dominion.

That is, until in 2399 a group of rebels started work on the vessel, getting the core systems up and running, using scraps floating around the battlefield nearby. There's little in the way of luxuries, but the vessel of a time gone by instills hope. Hope that the future might be as bright as the years have past.

When they were done, the ship was nothing like what it had been, the systems installed and its purpose completely different from the original intent. So the rebels decided to rename the vessel. In the end they named it the USS Loki, after the system they found it in, and the Norse god of mischief and trickery. Because they'd finally gotten their hands on a functioning starship... and they were up to no good.