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Name Lennox

Second Position Chef

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Saurian

Physical Appearance

Height 1.83
Weight 174 lbs
Hair Color N/a
Eye Color Black/Brown
Physical Description Like most of his species Lennox is characterised by his reptilian features, brownish skin, bald head and large eyes.

As a Saurian he is able to breathe in a variety of atmospheres due to the toxic nature of the volcanic atmosphere on Alpha Sauria IV. He also has four hearts as an evolutionary throwback. Lennox is taller than your average Saurian at around 1.83m.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) 4 - Brennon, Bolda, Rexx, Tola
Sister(s) 6 - H’Rit, Runa, Brixx, Talla, Sun’a, Pritt, Dalla

Personality & Traits

Personal History Childhood & Early Education 2350 - 2360

Lennox was the first of his clutch to hatch. Emerging into the hot, moist, sulphur rich atmosphere of his homeland Alpha Sauria, he took his first hesitant steps away from the nest. He was one of 11 eggs laid 10 months prior by his mother and, like all Saurians, he does not know his parents. The ancient tradition of courting couples to bury their eggs in the Bakka Swamp is still very much a tradition alive to this day.

It wasn’t long before his nest-mates had emerged, five males and 6 females all cramped into the shallow dirt enclave. They were soon gathered by the Sisters of Tek, a religious order of Saurian females charged with the care of the nesting sites and taken to the nearby temple. It was here that the Master of the Temple sorted the young Saurians into their castes.

Saurian Society is a caste based system of six orders; Tek (The Religious Order), Rik (The Science Order), Sek (The Warriors Order), Lak (The Artisans Order), Bok (The Workers Order) and Ra (the High Order). Six castes to keep Saurian society functional, keep every Saurian in their place. Lennox was chosen for the Tek Religious Order, and with one fell swoop of a palm leaf he never saw his nest-mates again.

Life in the Temple was peaceful. Saurian faith is polytheistic with two Gods. Mellitt and Antidis were the first ones, the founders of their species. They were created to serve the ancient ones, the creators of the stars and all that exists. After many years of faithful service they were deposited on to Sauria. A world upon which they could survive and flourish. Here they sired children. These children had more children and the Saurian species came into being.

There are temples to this brother and sister in every major and most minor communities on the planet. Worship encourages family and community participation as well as teaching a philosophy that encourages acceptance, understanding and co-operation.

The Tek Religious Order is a hierarchical structure led by the Grand Master. Each Temple has a Master and these form the Masters Enclave. Beneath the Masters are Oracles, Saurians who reach a certain level of piety and knowledge. Below the Oracles are Disciples who service the Oracles acquisition of knowledge and faith. The lowest levels of the order are the Acolytes and Novices tasked with menial tasks and basic study.

Novice to Acolyte – 2360 – 2370

At the age of 10 cycles Saurians are considered to be adults and many castes have systems in place which promote those who reach 10 cycles. In the Tek Order, at the age of 10, Novices become Acolytes. Any Saurian in the Tek Order can be recognised by the chain they wear around their necks. The Tek Chain is intended to remind the Saurian of the faith he/she serves. The links of the chain are forged from a variety of materials. By earning their links, Acolytes forge their chain. Members of the Tek Order can never remove their chain, not even when sleeping, and it is considered a great shame for a Saurian to surrender his chain. At the age of 10 Lennox began to forge his chain, and over the next 10 years he gained links in stellar astronomy, Saurian history and politics, medicine, divination, faith and prayer and herblore.

The Rise of the Dominion and the Fall of Saurians– 2370 – 2379

In 2370 the major superpowers across the quadrants began to engage in war. Alpha Sauria IV had avoided much of the early conflict being a peaceful and predominantly unarmed planet, relying heavily on the Federation for protection. In 2375 the Council of Elders from across all six castes agreed to seceded to the Dominion, as did many planets unable to defend themselves and fearing all out conflict. Little did the Elders know what this meant for Saurians.

It was a typically warm day when the first Dominion troops landed on Alpha Sauria IV, the Sek Warrior caste attempted a valiant defence but was ultimately wiped out in just two short years. In 2377 DPI Enforcers arrived on the planet bringing with them a Vorta Planetary Overseer. Driden was a cruel being, oppressing much of the planet and forcing it to service his every whim and desire. Lennox who was now a Disciple in the Tek Order began to question his faith and service, fearing a darker path was calling him.

In 2378 after many in the Tek Order had begun to preach about rising up against the Dominion the Tek Order was branded heretical and immediately banned by Driden. The Grandmaster was dragged in front of a forced crowd of Saurians and publicly executed. Many in the Tek Order, including Lennox go into hiding, fearing for their safety they ran for the Bakka swamps and the Sisters who bring every Saurian life into the world.

After a nine months hiding in the swamps Lennox and a few other Disciples decided to liberate the Saurian people from Driden and in 2379 Lennox attempted to poison the Vorta’s drink with the pollen of a praxis plant – deadly to most non reptilian species. Unfortunately his plot was uncovered by a DPI Trill investigator. Lennox began to question his faith again. Who would turn him in? Surely not his own kind? Surely not the Sisters of Tek?

It was coming to the end of the cycle when the female Trill DPI Investigator sentenced him to the dilithium mine on Randor lll. Saurians being stronger than most humanoids made excellent miners.

From Monk to Miner 2379 – 2398

Lennox spent 19 long years in that pit. Some people go crazy in prison, others turn to faith. Lennox was one of the few to do both. He didn’t see the sun for five years as he toiled away to fuel the Dominion war machine. His faith was almost gone.

In 2387 Lennox was reassigned from the mine to the camp kitchen. Good behaviour and a collapsed lung resulted in him being sent above ground to feed the camps population and garrison. The smell of fresh air and the taste of real food was a blessing. He proved he was more than capable, relying on his knowledge of herblore he quickly established a small herb garden, much to the guards amusement when they urinated on it.

Little did they know that Lennox was plotting. By 2398 he had built a rapport with a few of the guards, much to his fellow inmates disgust. The DPI Enforcer received a daily shipment of Ketracel white for the garrison and Lennox was going to be on that transport when it left. It was simply a case of mixing enough nerium oleander, a small pink flower whose petals induce a heavy sleep, into the guards rations.

In late 2398 he made his escape. A free Saurian and a self-declared Oracle in the Tek Order, probably the last Oracle left.

Political Status

Dominion Enemy of the State
Romulan Star Empire Unregistered
Klingon Empire Unregistered
Ferengi Alliance Unregistered