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Calling the Guard

Posted on Wednesday September 23rd, 2020 @ 3:34pm by Tevek

Mission: Marauder's Map
Location: LWS Surak, Main Bridge - In orbit of New Sydney in the Orion Sector
Timeline: Prologue
970 words - 1.9 OF Standard Post Measure

The Orion sector was one of the few areas of the former Federation territory that felt forgotten by the Dominion. Largely lawless and suffering a serious power vacuum, multiple warlords had risen up to try and fill the void.

It was up to a few rag tag groups of vigilantes to try and keep the peace, that was until someone had called in the Latinum Guard.

The largest private army in the quadrant, they moved in quickly and silently. Before anyone could act a Task Force of Talon class warbirds adorned with gold paint moved swiftly through the sector. A small wing of fighters swooped round from behind a bright red moon and headed straight for the Task Force. Without a word of warning and without breaking formation the lead Warbirds let out several bursts of bright green disruptor fire and a stream of torpedoes. One by one the fighters erupted in a ball of flames as they were picked off like cans lined up on a wall at the shooting range.

This pattern had been repeated for several days now as the ships of the Latinum Guard swiftly and efficiently put down any threat or resistance.

Ominously the Task Force swooped in on their target the dusty brown polluted world of New Sydney. As they approached another wave of fighters sped up from the planets surface at a steep angle but they were put down quickly. They were engulfed in fire and their debris drifted amongst the Warbirds.

From the bridge of the Warbird Surak Tevek watched the carnage on his viewscreen. The resistance of the local militias puzzled him, he wondered if they even knew what they were fighting for and why they would carry on fighting when they were clearly outnumbered and outgunned. But he swiftly put those thoughts aside, after all he was getting paid to do a job not to dwell on what were purely philosophical matters.

From the rear of the bridge came the anguished cries and screams of a prisoner. Chained to the security console a greying and bloodied tellarite screamed again as Kill Master Peyton Ross pressed her force lance hard into his stomach. The tellarites soft flesh turned red as it shocked his nervous system sending waves of pain through his body. "The access codes!" She demanded in a clipped English accent. "One way or another we're taking the planet, you can either suffer through it or pass the time in a cell!" She stated. A flash of frustration passed across her emerald green eyes. Her lithe and athletic figure slammed the force lance across the Tellarites face with incredible pace. A tooth bounced from his mouth across the hard black decking and landed at Teveks feet.

Without a word he kneeled down and picked up the bloody tooth. Twirling it between his fingers he carried it over to where the Tellarite was slumped. He knelt in front of the Tellarite and held the tooth up to his face. "I think you lost something." He stated in a cold tone dropping the tooth in the Tellarites lap. Rising up he locked eyes with Peytons pale and androgynous face.

"I believe he has had enough." Tevek ordered. "You know my thoughts on torturing people." He added squaring up a little to Peyton. She bowed her head. "Never in your presence, sorry Lieutenant." She stated calmly without a hint of remorse.

Tevek looked down at the Tellarite. "Has he said anything?" He asked. Peyton just shook her head. "Very well, dispose of him." He ordered turning his attention back to the viewer.

"No! I can talk, I can be of value!" The Tellarite began to call out. "If that were true you would have said something already." Tevek answered back unflinchingly. Peyton smiled and heaved the Tellarite to his feet. "The airlock sir?" She asked. Tevek turned on his heel. "You're the Kill Master, I leave it to your discretion." He stated in a matter of fact manner. Peytons smile broadened as she tugged on the Tellarites restraints and pulled him across the bridge towards the turbo lift.

The Tellarite screamed, kicked and punched as he was dragged and restrained. Meanwhile the hale tone sounded from the ops station. "General Reyes is hailing from the Warbird Cortez." The Lancer at the ops station reported promptly. Tevek gestured to accept the communication.

The image on the main viewer instantly changed from the murky view of New Sydney to an image of General Gabriel Reyes. A distinguished and greying Hispanic Human he was dressed in a dark orange uniform and a decorated gold curaiss. He had a thick black beard and a long scar ran diagonally across his face. He smiled warmly. "Tevek mi amigo." He exclaimed happily. Remaining silent Tevek saluted. "What is going on, did Mr Borst over there refuse to talk?" He asked as he pointed languidly in the direction of the struggling Tellarite. Tevek sighed. "I'm not sure why you're surprised General. I told you he wouldn't." He retorted bluntly, but General Reyes just waved off the comment. "Never mind, kill him and continue with your carpet bombing plan." He ordered matter factly. "I've sent your Pay Master to negotiate a new contract for you, a lucrative one. So finish up quickly, you're needed elsewhere. Reyes out." He stated.

Before Tevek could respond the view screen returned to the bleak industrial view of New Sydney. The officer at the Tactical station looked to Tevek. "The Fleet reports ready sir, but there's still a large civilian population down there."

Tevek stroked his beard and thought for a moment. "We have a contract and our orders, commence firing." He ordered coldly. He turned from the view screen as the viewer showed a barrage of green energy aim straight for the planet.


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