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Lighting the Fires

Posted on Thursday December 3rd, 2020 @ 6:54am by Milinda Frost Malley

Mission: Marauder's Map
Location: Main Engineering.
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Frost had remembered to bring her little 'Battery Case' with her; it was actually a small generator but sufficient to power items she needed Like hatches and Lifts. Why climbed a ladder when she could just power a lift? The time is faster by half but her lack of fatigue before trying to get the Fusion Generators going is worth the hooking and unhooking of a battery. It was more a tedious process than one of mental challenge; getting basic power to this ship will take both metal skills and physical efforts to activate the Fusion Generators.

Taking the lift to the lower decks where se could access Engineering Frost had a sort of plan forming in her mind. The main task will be seeing how much of the power systems assembly are actually installed? Hard to start something that is missing. To have hidden the ship here as the previous Build crew had did require the ship to move so she knew there has to be at least Fusion Reactors to power impulse. Now salvaging a Warp Core and adapting it from teh wrecks around here could be a more interesting process.

The manual crank of the doors gave her access to the massive Warp Core area. The lamps of her suit had the lumens to project cones of light all around while she made her way to the Central Engineering Console. Running her gloved hand along the 'new' surface was like a dream; not having to put a fist to register is a welcome change once Main Power is restored. MOving to the center she saw the Loveliest Warp Core design bringing tears to her eyes. The shell was in place with the installation nearly complete. It is the Dilithium Assembly that she lacked to really get a good charge out of this baby.

"Guess I will do it the hard way." Frost instructed herself as she moved to Fusion Reactor One.

The plating removed to give Frost the Main Batteries; being thermal dynamics of heat exchange, checking the temperature of the Engineering Section is able to give her some confidence that with some cross-wiring she could string the chain of live cells together, bypassing the dead cells. She crawl along the Shipboard Battery Cells stringing connections from pole to pole then to the Main junction. After a bit of time doing that she climbed back to the main deck and closed the plating.

An easy stroll to the Main Control Console and began activating the Lighting above the Emergency levels.

"And I said lights." Frost mused.

Next the more complicated system she had to build up the pressure and send a full system purging blast of OXY to get the Scrubbers to clear before she put power through the main life support systems to charge back to life.

=^= Frost to crew...=^= Noting the small dust like clouds spewing from the venting. "Scrubbers have been Scrubbed and the Life support systems are charging. We should have minimal life support throughout the ship in about half an hour to pressurize.

Now to the Fusions before batteries run out.



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