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Adam Rayner

Name Adam Rayner

Position Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25
Known Aliases Junior

Physical Appearance

Height 1.83m
Weight 87 Kg
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and well built, Adam has lived a life split between being a child fugitive, a slave, and a soldier in the Latinum Guard. Life lived looking over your shoulder taught him to keep himself in constant fighting condition. He inherited a bit of his father's rugged handsomeness. While rarely out of his Latinum Guard uniform, he can usually be seen wearing tactical wear when he is not currently on the active roster. On his right shoulder, Adam bears the tattoo of a Dominion fugitive. It is one of the souvenirs given to the young man when his mother and he were captured near the Romulan border.


Father Adam Rayner (Starfleet Captain, Deceased)
Mother Leah Price (50, Accountant with Latinum Guard)
Other Family Hudson Graham (45, Commander, Latinum Guard) - Mentor

Personality & Traits

General Overview There are two things that have kept Adam going. The strongest is his hatred for the Dominion, they have always been the proverbial sword of Damocles hanging over his life. Killing his father and forcing the young man to flee with his mother from safe house to safe place until they were enslaved and eventually sold to the Latinum Guard, the young Rayner has a special anger directed towards the Dominion. The other thing keeping him moving forward is the bond he has developed with his comrades in the Guard. It is the first place where he has actually felt safe, even if it was a life led as a mercenary.

Adam does not speak out of turn and he follows orders. He has mostly lived a life of being ordered, which almost makes him a Human equivalent to a Jem'Hadar. Deep down, he carries a good sense of humor, a bit of sarcasm, and an urge to explore. However, most of that is buried under a hardened exterior built out of self-preservation.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Capable Warrior
+ Jack-of-some trades
+ Resourceful

- Cannot imagine a life of his own
- Focuses on his father's shadow
- Probably suffers from a degree of PTSD, but hides it well
Ambitions To take down as many Dominion lackeys as he can, and get paid handsomely for it.
Hobbies & Interests Life as a slave and soldier leaves little time for fun. Most of Adam's off-duty time is spent training or maintaining his equipment. However, if the question is limited to fun, Adam uses reading (book and PADD) to escape from his life. He has also picked up Romulan Kal Toh. Instead of creating a perfect shape out of chaos, the object of the Romulan version is to use the t'an rods to destabilize the construct so that it collapses on the opponent's turn.

Personal History Born to one of the last war heroes of the Lost War, Adam's life was never one that went the way it was supposed to go. Adam was conceived after the disastrous Operation Return. The USS Challenger, a Lakota variant of the Excelsior-class and his father's ship, was one of the vessels that was able to limp away from the massacre. His birth in 2375 was the only time that the man was ever able to meet his father, leaving him only the memories of stories people told about the "great" Captain Rayner.

After Captain Rayner participated in the pyrrhic victory that was the First Battle of Sector 001, he sent word to Leah to take Adam away from Earth. To find safety wherever she could. The mother was able to arrange transport off Earth and spent the next couple of years hopping from perceived safe spot to another, aided by former friends and comrades of the Captain. They got word that the Challenger was destroyed in the Second Battle of Sector 001 and that the Captain had been killed leading one of the more successful resistance cells on Earth. This labeled the entire Rayner family as enemies of the Dominion. It also put a hefty bounty on their heads.

Unable to trust anyone, Leah was able to secure her own small transport ship. While only a few years old, she did try to teach Adam about electronics and weapons. The young boy became proficient with a phaser, or at least as proficient as a four year old could be. However, the luck of the fugitives ran out around the year 2379. The family was captured by Orion slavers with every intention of collecting the bounty on both of them. However, through various rivalries and raids, the two were liberated to another group of slavers who then sold a large contingent of Orions, plus two humans, to the Latinum Guard. At only four, Adam was put into a training program while his mother worked off the "debt," or bounty, as an accountant.

Over the next eleven years, Adam served as a Yeoman to another Human who served the Guard and served with Captain Rayner throughout the Lost War. Lieutenant Hudson Graham was able to negotiate a deal so that Adam's time with him would be considered "indentured servitude" instead of slavery, putting the young man on a path to becoming a full soldier in the organization. Through Hudson's eyes, Adam was able to witness the birth of the current iteration of the Latinum Guard as it saw strife and in-fighting before it signed its non-compete contract.

At the age of 16, Adam officially became a Lancer in the Latinum Guard in 2391. Because he gained his Lancer status after the signing of the contract, the young man was never forced to be in a situation where his identity would be revealed to the Dominion. Throughout this time, Adam impressed in his skill and ability to lead. Comparisons to his father were often drawn up, which Adam tried to ignore. After the purge of 2395, Hudson was given a command position that had once been occupied by a Ferengi. Adam was given Hudson's position as leader of a contingent. It was a rare honor for someone to be given such a position at the age of 20, but the young officer had earned his spot. His promotion also came with a clause that paid off his status as an indentured servant, making his a freeman for the first time in his memory.

Political Status

Dominion Enemy of the State
Romulan Star Empire Known Entity
Klingon Empire Unregistered
Ferengi Alliance Unregistered