Rule 0 - Have Fun

We're all here to have fun and relax. As soon as your fun impedes on the fun and happiness of others, you're out!

Rule 1 - Be Active

A cooperative writing game only works if we're writing... cooperatively. The minimum requirement to be considered active is two Obsidian Fleet Standard posts each month (that's at least 500 words committed to at least two posts).

Rule 2 - Be appropriate

We have opted to go for a rating of the writing as follows:
Language: 2 - Swearing is permitted, unless such writing is in breach of rule 0.
Sexual content: 2 - Description of private body parts is permitted, description of sexual acts not permitted (learn the magic of fading to black), description of non-consensual sex acts is strictly prohibited, nor do we allow anything that normalises, justifies or glorifies aforementioned non-consensual sexual acts.
Violence: 2 - Depiction of violence is permitted, but don't turn it into gore.

Rule 3 - Listen to Sim Management Staff

For the most part narrative decisions on the USS Loki will be run by democracy. We're all equally invested in making this collaborative writing exercise a success.

That being said, should any decision need to be made on personnel issues (e.g. accepting or rejecting applications, removing or disciplinary action, etc.) they will be made by the Sim Management of the vessel.

Rule 4 - Player Removal

Should any players resign, or be removed (either through Rule violations, or by voluntary resignation), during an ongoing mission we will endeavour to part with the character amicably. If their character is integral to the plot or is blocking progress they may be taken over by another player (someone from Simulation Management) in order to push the story forward and get to a point where we can part ways without breaking continuity. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the game, this parting of ways may result in the untimely death of said character (though we avoid it if at all possible).

A player who has been disciplined or removed may appeal to the OF’s Office of Mediation and Arbitration.

Any player signing up for the Fawkes will also automatically become a part of Obsidian Fleet. As such they are required to be familliar with, and abiding by, the rules set forth by the Fleet Rules and Policies